File Crypto Taxes in Minutes with CRPTM: Just $1 Per Year!

CRPTM: Making Crypto Tax Filing a Breeze

• CRPTM has created the ultimate crypto tax calculator to help traders and investors gain real-time insight into their portfolios.
• The platform offers seamless exchange and wallet integration, making it easy for users to generate their first full crypto tax report for as little as $1.
• In addition to being a great tax calculator, CRPTM can also be used as a portfolio tracking tool, allowing traders to understand their trading habits better.

Seamless Exchange and Wallet Integration

CRPTM makes calculating and filing taxes extremely straightforward by enabling users to easily integrate their exchange and private wallets into the platform. This allows for quick connection of API keys so that trades are automatically logged in the user’s portfolio. In total, CRPTM enables users to connect over 35 different exchange accounts including top-tier exchanges like Coinbase, Binance US, Kraken, ByBit, and Bitstamp. As transactions are made on these exchanges they will be automatically synced with the user’s portfolio on CRPTM.

Tax Reporting Made Simple

CRPTM provides pre-filled crypto tax forms that make life simple when it comes to filing taxes. Using these forms users can generate compliance reports such as 040 Schedule D, 1040 Schedule A, IRS Form 8949 and Schedule 1 with just one click of a button. All relevant information is automatically filled out according to the user’s portfolio which saves time and effort when completing taxes each year.

Portfolio Tracking Tool

In addition to its capabilities as a crypto tax calculator, CRPTM can also be used as a powerful portfolio tracking tool that helps traders understand their trading habits better. This allows them to gain more insight into how well they have been doing in terms of capital gains or losses over time which can then inform decisions about whether or not certain investments are worth pursuing further in future years.

The Ultimate Solution For Crypto Tax Compliance

CRTPT makes filing taxes simple and straightforward while removing any worries associated with being compliant with laws surrounding cryptocurrency investments or trades. With easy integration into exchanges and wallets plus pre-filled forms for generating tax reports quickly—it’s no wonder why many people have turned to this platform in order to take care of all their cryptotax needs!