How to Become a YouTuber – The Ultimate Checklist

Being a YouTuber is an enjoyable and lucrative career. It is easy to make videos on subjects you enjoy and earn money from it, don’t you think? However, becoming a well-known YouTuber isn’t a simple task.

Behind every famous vlogger lies an extended journey of struggle and dedication. There are investments that you have to make, procedures you have to follow and many more things to follow before you make your very first YouTube video.

With all the things that need to be accomplished and a lot to be done, it’s hard to keep in the right direction with your endeavors to become YouTuber. This article will give you the most comprehensive list of things to take care of if you’re looking to be YouTuber.

How to Become a YouTuber – The Ultimate Checklist

Decide on Your Niche

The first thing to decide on is your niche. Make sure you know the industries you’ll focus upon in the videos you make. There’s a tendency for the thoughts to wander everywhere when you’re trying cover too numerous subjects and sub-topics.

Choose a few closely related areas depending on your passions or your knowledge. For instance, a health YouTuber might create content on exercises and healthy eating habits.

This is a great method to remain organized, start with a solid foundation, stay consistent and draw a targeted audience. If you begin with a particular focus that you are able to grow your knowledge in these niches and eventually become experts. Additionally, producing consistently quality content within those areas will help you draw viewers who are interested by your content.

If you’re interested to expand your target audience by diversifying your subject. As an example, YouTuber, Andrea Ocejo began by creating videos on fitness and health. After gaining nine thousand subscribers, she’s focused on a wider variety of topics and creating videos about travel, fashion as well as beauty.

Outline Your Channel Goal

What do you hope to accomplish through your channel? Do you want to assist people through creating informative videos? Do you wish to teach the people how to perform tasks by creating tutorials and step-by-steps? Or maybe you simply would like to share your stories and entertain your audience.

Define the goals you’d like to achieve with your channel to ensure you are able to plan your videos. This will aid in getting a steady and steady start instead of trying to cover every aspect of every aspect.

For instance, Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy is primarily focused on unboxing videos where they review the products features. The aim is to provide the viewers with an honest and impartial review to guide them in their purchase. It’s no wonder that he has gained 14 million subscribers on his channel.

Naturally, one may decide to become a YouTuber for fame and the money. While it’s okay to concentrate on this aim however, you must ensure that you’re providing content with an impact on the viewers. If you don’t you’ll be unable to gain a following or grow your fan base and make money from your channel.

Brainstorm Content Ideas

Next, you must brainstorm videos ideas. This is an vital step to begin before the process of creating your channel. This will ensure that you do not run out of ideas after just a few videos.

Check out the content that similar to what other YouTubers in your area have already created. Do you have something similar, but with a different style? Could you come up with something superior? Think about the problems and the needs of your group of people. Think of topics that address these issues in a way that is likely to draw them in.

The possibilities are infinite if you’re always looking for ways to offer an added value to your customers. Also, you can check out our entire listing of YouTube video ideas to help you get started.

Develop a Content Schedule

The consistency of your schedule will allow you to maintain your consistency. It gives your viewers the confidence that they can count on you to release new content on the set dates. It also provides an appropriate timeline so that you can plan your work and stay on course.

Before even developing a channel, it is important that you need to choose a schedule for publishing that you can manage. Daily uploads of content can be an excellent way to reach new viewers however, it could be overwhelming for a small team of just one person.

It’s recommended to begin by setting a weekly plan. As you become more familiar with the schedule, you’ll be able to increase the number of videos you produce. For instance, you can make two videos per week while sticking to your daily schedule.

Dani is the creator of Editing Is Everything is a YouTube channel that publishes new content each Saturday at 9AM Eastern Standard Time. She will highlight the schedule on her channel’s banner to let viewers are aware of when they can look forward to new videos.

Assess Your Equipment

The equipment you choose to use will determine the quality of the content that you create. It’s therefore essential to be aware of the equipment you’ll require to produce the type of content you’re planning on making. While you don’t have to buy expensive equipment in the beginning however, you must be equipped with a few basic items.

You’ll require a PC with a good speed and specs to meet your requirements. It is essential to invest in a good Video editing programs. Although you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars ensure that it’s got all the basics features required to perform what you’re looking for.

Windows Movie Maker and iMovie is a good place to starting point. There are also other low-cost alternatives like Filmora as well as Corel VideoStudio.

In terms of software, you may need a screen recorder that is reliable. The Debut Screen Recorder is an ideal and affordable option that allows you to add captions to your videos.

If you’re planning to spend time using a camera or video other than screen-based recording you’ll require a quality camera. It’s possible to start with your smartphone camera , if you’re using a top-quality camera phone.

However, if you plan to be speaking on the screen, ensure that you have a good microphone. The quality of your audio can greatly affect the quality of your video overall This is why it’s an essential aspect.

Create and Optimise Your Channel

Once you’ve got the majority of the fundamentals set it is time to make your channel. In case you have already created one, you may make the necessary changes to optimize it.

Select a name for your channel that is distinctive and catchy. You can also choose to use your personal name, if it’s suitable to you.

When you write the “About” section, make sure that you are able to clearly explain the things your channel is about. However, you should prioritize readability by breaking text into smaller paragraphs.

For instance, take an look at Maangchi’s channel’s description. It’s clear and concise, but to the essence. The author has also divided the text into smaller paragraphs to make it easy to read.

You can include keywords in the description in a manner that is natural. This makes it easier for users to locate the site when looking for those keywords.

It’s equally important to maintain an attractive and consistent design for your channel so that it leaves an impression on your viewers. Your channel’s artwork plays a significant role in establishing your status as a trustworthy YouTuber.

Jubilee for instance, is an attractive yellow channel icon that has an “J” to symbolise their channel’s name.

The banner on their profile shows different people in the metro, and is appropriate for a channel that is focused on videos that are centered around humans. Apart from that it also includes some yellow elements that are consistent with the colors of the icon.

Hire a graphic designer to design an icon for your channel and a banner that visually matches your tone of voice. You can also use tools such as Snappa to create your own channel artwork.

Your channel’s artwork does not have to be elaborate but it must be easily identifiable. Be simple but distinctive and uniform color scheme and typeface. Make sure to use this style regularly on your social media pages so that people are able to instantly recognize your brand.

Upload and learn from the First Video You Watch

After you’ve set up and optimized your channel you can begin creating and uploading your very first video. Pick a topic from your list and make the video that is sure to grab the attention of the viewers.

It’s also important to keep in mind that regardless of the amount of time and effort you invest in your first video, it’s not going to be flawless. This is the problem that all YouTubers face as they begin their journey. The best way to get over this obstacle is to take lessons from it.

Pay attention to how people react to the issue. What are they liking and what do they complain about? Have they any useful comments on how you can improve your next video?

You could also utilize YouTube Analytics in order to analyze how your video was able to hold the attention of the viewers. These insights can help you make more appealing videos that appeal to the people you want to reach.

Final Thoughts

These are the basic actions you’ll need to complete before you can begin your journey as YouTuber. However, your work doesn’t stop with this point. It is also necessary to establish your social media profile so that you can reach an even larger crowd. Social media can assist you in promoting your video and make them available to people who aren’t already subscribers to the channel.

Utilize this checklist to lay a solid base to become a professional YouTuber.