Rise of the Crypto Meme Coins: PloutΩs, RFD, COPIUM, BEN, GEN

• This article outlines the top 5 trending crypto coins on DEX Tools: PloutΩs Coin (PLOUTΩS), Refund Coin (RFD), Ben Coin (BEN), Generational Wealth (GEN) and Copium (COPIUM).
• PLOUTΩS was last trading around $0.000036, RFD was last changing hands at around $0.00007, BEN was last trading around $0.000000137, GEN was last trading around $0.000000006 and COPIUM was last trading near $0.005 per token.
• All of these tokens have seen significant growth from their Uniswap listing prices due to news updates, endorsement from influencers and airdrop competitions.

Top Trending Crypto Coins on Dextools

PloutΩs Coin (PLOUTΩS)

After an explosive start to life on Monday, the PloutΩs Coin has been choppily in the last hour and is currently trading at around $0.000036.

Refund Coin (RFD)

Since launching on Uniswap for just four days ago, Refund Coin has surged 200x and is now changing hands at around $0.00007 – offering investors who got in early a massive 300x return on their investment. The token was launched by a pseudonymous Ethereum wallet holder called blurr.eth who is estimated to be worth at least $100 million.

Ben Coin (BEN)

Ben Coin saw an endorsement from controversial crypto influencer Ben Armstrong and has since regained momentum trying to reclaim its all-time highs – investors who bought prior to his endorsement are now sitting on gains of 140x+. It is currently trading at around $0.000000137 per coin .

Generational Wealth (GEN)

Generational Wealth had experienced a sharp decline before regaining some momentum today – it is currently trading at around $0.000000006 but still down compared to when it traded close to the level of 0.$00000007 only a week ago – but still up 35x from its Uniswap launch price of 0.$00000000017 per coin .

Copium (COPIUM)

Copium Token saw an explosive rally over the weekend after 30% of its supply was burnt – it is currently trading near$ 0.$005 per token which represents gains of 5x versus its Uniswap listing and presale price – with more than 2,500 holders already involved in the project’s token & NFT airdrop competition which incentivizes HODLing for 3 weeks or more